Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Celebrity Apprentice Begins

Celebrity Apprentice began Sunday with something new...celebrities! Where in the past, the show attracted D-list personalities whom most of us have not heard of, this season or this year since I think it's only running once a year--the celebrities are C plus or something like that--I have heard of most of them one way or another. The list of participants is here
The teams were split with men on one team and women on the other. The Women took the name Tenacity--The men took the name Rock Solid.
The first task was to run a designated diner in New York City--whoever brought in the most money would win the task. The men, with the benefit of a celebrity chef (Curtis Stone) and a relatively competent project manager (Poison's Brett Michaels) won the task.
Tenacity's project manager, Cyndi Lauper was terrible and garnered little respect. She should have been fired, after all she brought up her friendship with Rosie O'Donnell in the boardroom in front of an angry Trump (Trump has been feuding with Rosie for years), however Trump realized that keeping Cindy around for a couple more weeks would be good for the show. Instead, he fired Carol Leifer.

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PJ said...

You, know what? I felt the tone between the players is a little harsh this season. I mean I get they all want to win, but with this being for charity it seems they could check the egos a little bit and work together.