Wednesday, August 12, 2009

20 Years Ago--Work Starts At Unisea

My first full time job upon moving back to the Seattle area was in a Redmond seafood processing plant know as Unisea. That started in August of 1989, 20 years ago. I had been in the area for a couple of months at that time working at some temp jobs at places like Microsoft, Nintendo, etc. Unisea seemed like the place to stay. The labor force seemed very similar to the crew that I had worked with at B. Barer And Sons. The work was just as tough. We would begin at 6 in the morning and work until 4:30. The area was cold and wet, so even on a hot summer day, you could catch a cold or get very cold. Especially if we had to work in the "warehouse", which was kept several degrees below zero. It had a family atmosphere, as a matter of fact, many people had spouses who also worked there.
After work we would often go to J. Michael's or Lehaina Louie's to grab a beer. We always had a great summer picnic. I stayed at Unisea for about 4 years.

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