Sunday, August 09, 2009

Lawsuit Papers Raise Questions On Hutchison Candidacy

It is commonly known that if you file a lawsuit against a corporate entity, they are going go to the far lengths to destroy the plaintiff and undermine the other party's creditability. That being said, revelations in a lawsuit that former KIRO news anchor Susan Hutchison filed against the owners of KIRO TV, question Ms. Hutchison's integrity. Although the filing and subsequent settling of the lawsuit was public knowledge, Ms Hutchison fought to keep the court papers private. Hutchison is a candidate to be King County Executive.
It may seem like a small thing to call in sick over a holiday, then be seen on vacation, but someone who probably deserved the time off probably had to fill in, not getting time to see his/her family.
Hutchison has failed to reveal her stances and opinions, in contrast to Dow Constantine, who had that courage to tell an audience in North Bend, "I'm a Liberal Democrat".

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