Sunday, August 09, 2009

Battle In Seattle--The Movie

Battle In Seattle, had Oliver Stone attacked this project it may have been a blockbuster hit. It is a frighteningly accurate portrayal of 1999 riots that disrupted the WTO Conference in Downtown Seattle directed by Stuart Townsend. Although the disclaimer says that any portrayal of characters is purely fictional, Ray Liotta, as mayor delivers a spot-on performance as Seattle's mayor. On the other hand, the actor who portray Washington's governor, bore no resemblance and was a rather mean spirited portrayal of Gary Locke. At seen that his home the most, where the shopper who were stranded downtown and could not find a way to get out of the melee. Working downtown at the time, I thought that I was going to be stranded, but finally retreated to the bus tunnel, where I was able to board a bus to Renton. It was a terrifying experience.

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