Saturday, July 19, 2008

Trip XI: The Voyage Home

Thanks to watching the Super Bowl, I can now count in Roman Numbers. As we get further from the trip--I've been home for two weeks now, the tougher it is to write about it. Where as it was the day after we got home that I started this series.
Anyway, it was Saturday July 5th, time to clean up the condo and get on the road. Our plan was to visit some remaining sites in Sedona on our way to Scottsdale again, where we would again stay at the Firesky Resort. We visited the "Chapel Of The Holy Cross", as you can see in the first 3 pictures going up. That is a beautiful temple of worship carved into the rocks. We also found time to stop at Montezuma's Well and Montezuma's Castle. We had lunch at an Indian casino along the way. We arrived at The Firesky (top picture) and the craziness began again.
to be continued....

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