Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Arrival In Phoenix

The saving grace to arriving in Phoenix late at night, was that temperatures would be cooler, boy we were wrong. The minute we stepped outside, it was like walking into an oven, and this was around midnight. The plan was to rent a car, spend the night at the beautiful Firesky Resort in Scottsdale and drive to Sedona in the morning.
After checking out our rental car, we were giving instructions on were to find the vehicle, we could not find the car that we to drive until we realize that we had read them wrong. This was after walking all over the garage. At the end of our rope we were glad that googled the directions to the Firesky. This should come in handy, while traveling in what I believe one of the 10 largest cities in the nation. We left the airport with Google directions in hand, we just had one problem, a sea of flashing lights. We had run right into a police dragnet, there were helicopters above and television news cars all around. We asked at a gas station how to get to the resort and no one could tell us. We did find out that someone had shot a police officer. We finally where able to call the Firesky and get directions. More to follow....

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