Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Trip III

We spent Saturday night at the Firesky. It was a warm peaceful night once we arrived--the next day we would head to Sedona. The next morning, the temperature was well in the 110s as we got right to the pool. The pool had a service bar, which will have significance later.
Since Deb had not been to Phoenix before, and I had not been there since 1982, we braved the heat to snoop around Scottsdale, a beautiful western themed town. We had lunch at the
Cafe Carumba which was very good. Afterward we checked out a couple of stores. There was a free trolley that chugged around town and we decided to board. That was a big mistake. We got off the trolley after it made it's run around town and realized that we were lost again. Everything in Scottsdale looks alike. After walking the town on the verge in hundred plus heat with no water, we finally asked where the restaurant was. In the nick of time we found the Cafe and began our drive to Sedona and normalcy.

to be continued...

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