Saturday, December 29, 2007

Not So Great News For Warren Moon

Warren Moon's football credentials speak for themselves. When he graduated from the University Of Washington, black quarterbacks were nowhere to be found in the NFL, so he headed north to the Edmonton Oilers in the Canadian Football League. Shattering any record in site, the NFL finally realized that a quarterback of Moon's caliber would have to play in their league. He is currently the only African American quarterback in the hall of fame. He is also a former Seahawk. One of the few players in star in this town in both College and Pro. Currently he is a commentator on the Seahawks broadcast team.

The sad thing is, he also has a penchant for trouble with the law. Warren Moon was stopped this weekend for Driving while impaired by alcohol, the second time this has happened, as a matter of fact, his Washington Driver's License had been revoked and he was using a driver's license issued by the state of Texas. Moon had recently been stopped in August, but pleaded guily to a lesser charge. There have been other incidents as well, but Moon continues not only on the Seahawk broadcasts, but also doing endorsements such as Burien Chevrolet. Warren Moon is working while many others, who don't quite have his smooth persona have fallen. It is somewhat surprising and disturbing.

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