Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Apprentice--The Much Cliched Final Four

The final five players share a toast before they roast. A rare moment of harmony is exhibited when candidate Tammy, Allie, Roxanne, Sean And Lee have dinner and click glasses. We cut to somewhere to a room with a huge picture of Donald Trump. The Donald talks about a new line of wristwatches that he has out. Yes, I'm sure Warren Buffett is just dying to go out and buy one. He introduces executives from "2 great companies" Microsoft and Wal Mart, which really are 2 huge monopolies that some people would like to see drown in their own hubris.
The task is to set up a display promoting the X Box 360, a new component that you can use with high definition TV and display digital photos as well as MP3 music in addition to playing video games.
Goldrush is comprised of Lee and Sean, two very different people who instantly bond and work together well, you have to wonder what could have been if these 2 gentleman had worked together all season. The wheels are beginning to come off of the Synergy bandwagon--Tammy steps up to be project manager but the Roxanne Allie clique has become too tough to crack. Allie and Roxanne deny rolling their eyes even though they are caught red-handed by the camera.
Goldrush cannot seem to get on the same page as their contractor and it looks like just another Goldrush defeat. But, inspite of not finishing their project, they somehow hit the mark and get to partake in a long, earpopping cross country flight to LA., where they get to do voice characterization for a Dreamworks Cartoon Movie, Over The Hedge. Jeffrey Katzenberg takes a shining to the lads and says to their delight "Your Hired"
In the boardroom it is Tammy vs Ralli, that is the tag team of Roxanne and Allie. Tammy pleads her case. Allie stays quiet Roxanne attacks and it looks like either of them could be fired but Trump does not think Tammy is right for the job and she is fired! Posted by Picasa

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Cin said...

Well, Lee is still hanging in there but I doubt he'll be in the final two, as much as I'd like him to be there. I can't stand Allie and her attitude and Roxanne still seems to be flying under the radar. I, for one, don't know much about her. I'm thinking Sean will be left standing but there are still some tasks ahead and anything can happen.