Monday, May 01, 2006

The Apprentice: Trump Clips 2 from Goldrush

This may have been the worst show of the season had it not been for the reward. We'll cover that later. We start the show as always in the suite where the survivors from the last board arrive. By now we know that if you side with the one that your team wants fired, you raise the ire of the team and such it was with Sean. Allie and Roxanne think that Sean "sold them out" because he stuck up for Andrea. They spend their time screaming at each other and then it is time for the task.
The sponsor for this weeks project is The Hair Cuttery a worldwide chain of Salons. I don't think there are any in the Seattle area, and from what I see in this show, I don't think we're missing much. We all know Trump loves talking about himself so in addition to mentioning that hair grooming is a 150 billion dollar industry, he takes about 5 minutes to tell us that his hair is natural and invites the candidates to see if it is. Charmaine takes the challenge which is the only bold move she makes. Charmaine was my favorite candidate and has shown signs of brilliance. Trouble is she can't lead a dog to a tree. With 2 headstrong teammates like Lee and Tarek and one worthless one like Michael, you know there is not much else she can do but get her hair styled (which she does).
Synergy wins the task. There reward is to meet with Burt Bacharach who's music I have always loved. Bacharach lets the team put words to music he composed. He played the tune and asked what was the first thing to come to their mind. When Tammy said "career" you know that she all of a sudden became a strong contender.
In the boardroom, there was the old saw of someone who can't lead and someone who can't be lead, the same situation of when Felisha and Alla were in the boardroom together. Charmaine had to be fired and to top it off, so was Tarek. Trump mentions to his co-horts after the Goldrush team leaves that the 2 will probably fight in the cab. Posted by Picasa


PJ said...

That was funny when Bill walked into Charmaine's event and she was getting her hair done. I hope the tasks get a little more exciting, holding an open house is a real no-brainer.

Cin said...

Trump certainly could use a stylist for his hair! I heard somewhere that Melania cuts it ... but I recall it looked awful even when he was married to Ivana ... but I just digressed. I agree with Trump's decision of last night but was afraid that Lee was going to get the axe. He best do something more productive or he'll soon be gone too. As for the converstion in the cab, it was absolutely scintillating *LOL*. I wonder if that was staged?

P.S. I love Burt Bacharach's music too - especially all of the songs he wrote for Dionne Warwick.

Mike Barer said...

The longer the show goes on the more comical Trump apears. At the first
season, he had the right amount of toughness mixed with compasion. I think
he is deeply suffering from overexposure. I think Lee is Lee. He may win
but don't expect him to do meanial tasks, he's a director and a good bser