Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Apprentice: The Final Task Begins

After last week's double firing, Sean and Lee are up in the suite (not knowing that they are the last 2 survivors. They are called to the boardroom where Trump informs them that both Allie And Roxanne were fired, they are the last 2 remaining. They go back to their suite and are greeted warmly by the fired candidates, kind of like a suprise party put on by your enemies. Not really, but both Sean And Lee need to reform their corporation from the pool of fired candidates.
Sean makes the smart choice of Andrea, Tammy, and Tarek, all able candidates. Lee picks buddy Lenny and makes him his human resource director, a very strange choice. Lenny completes the team with Pepe (who was one of the first fired this season) and Roxanne (huh?).
Goldrush (Lee and Co) is to put on a celebrity Hockey game to benefit the Denis Leary Firemen's fund. Synergy (Sean)is to put on a benefit concert featuring the contemporary group Bare Naked Ladies. The Concert will benefit the World Wildlife Federation.
Lee seems to have trouble getting his team organized. Things go smoothly for Sean until Andrea is stricken with a medical emergency and we will see next week what the final results are.

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