Friday, May 04, 2018

Maple Valley Awards Senator Mullet

The City of Maple Valley has award Democratic State Senator Mark Mullet (fourth from left), along with Republican House members Paul Graves and Jay Rodne, keys to the city.  Mullet's recognition was for writing a bill to change the state law and allowing the city to annex the long controversial "donut hole", a parcel of unincorporated land inside the city.  This allowed the building of the new Tahoma High School on the site.  It was Mullet's first the first big bill that he introduced in his first term.
Mullet may be one of the Mavericks in the legislature, often not following party lines.
Graves and Rodne were also honored for work that they have done for our town.
Thank you to the Maple Valley Reporter for the tip and the picture.

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