Saturday, May 26, 2018

Donna Kelley--From Tri Cities To CNN

Since Walla Walla had only 3 commercial radio stations for much of the time that I was growing up, Tri Cities stations were prevalent in the market.  The Tri Cities, at the time, was about the three times the size of Walla Walla and had what seemed to be, a much younger populace.
Donna Kelley worked for KORD (although I cannot find a link to confirm that) and went on to become a news anchor at CNN.
Since Donna and Kelley are both common names, I did not make the connection for at first. 
KORD was an AM/FM radio station that played adult contemporary music.  The FM station could be heard very clearly in Walla Walla. 
As far as last updates, Kelley went back to her native Montana, working at KBZK as an anchor and  executive producer in 2007 after a 6 year retirement.   She had also previously worked in the Spokane market.

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