Thursday, May 24, 2018

Former Seahawk Cliff Avril Says Carroll May Have Lost Locker Room After Super Bowl Loss

Former Seahawk Defensive End Cliff Avril has been in the news after an interview on the NFL Network Reporter Dave Dameshek.  Avril said that Pete Carroll's decision in the 2015 Super Bowl  to have quarterback Russell Wilson throw instead of give the ball to Marshawn Lynch in the closing minutes may have cost him the locker Room as well as the game and title. 
The comments caused attention because Avril had not been known for speaking or attracting the type of controversy that players like Michael Bennett and Richard Sherman had garnered.  
Avril, who was forced to retire this last season after a neck injury, said the team felt that a second straight Super Bowl victory could have easily led to a third and beyond, but that the decision to pass, which led to an interception by the Patriots, icing the defeat, made many members of the team lose confidence in the coach.
Avril is scheduled to start  at Sports Radio KJR as a mid day co-host with Jason Puckett in early July. 

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Anonymous said...

AGREED! And then Pete was a wuss and blamed his other coaches..