Sunday, October 25, 2015

Mets Foil Cubs Again

Not long after when I first got interested in baseball, I read a magazine article about a star player for Detroit named Al Kaline.  Kaline was a veteran outfielder who was playing his last season in 1968.  He has never played in the World Series and this was his last chance.  As it turned out, the Tigers went to the series that year and became world champions.  During the season, on the NBC game of the week, after the Tigers had clinched the American League, Curt Gowdy mentioned that Kaline had gotten a letter or telegram from Chicago Cubs star Ernie Banks congratulating him for being able to play in the upcoming series and hoping that he (Banks) would get the chance.
The next season (1969) it looked like Banks and his team would get the chance.  Stocked with all time greats like Ron Santo, Billy Williams, Fergie Jenkins, and Banks, it looked like it would be the Cubs year.  How could you not love the Cubs?  They played in Wrigley Field, a beautiful traditional baseball field in  the middle of a neighborhood.  At that time, it had no lights and the all the games were played in the daytime.  Everyone loved Ernie Banks, considered one of baseball's ambassadors.
However, post game play was not to be.  The New York Mets, who were only 7 years old, most of them as a baseball laughing stalk. Suddenly they starting winning and winning.  The Cubs were sputtering, soon the Mets had overtaken the Cubs.  The Mets would go on to win it all and go down in history as the "Miracle Mets".
This year, The Cubs won a post game series for the first time since 1908,    It looked like this was the year for them to go to the World Series and perhaps win it. Except once again, someone stopped them in the National League Championship Series.  After 46 years, the Cubs dream was once again crushed by the New York Mets.

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