Tuesday, February 03, 2015

1969 Year Of The Mets And Jets

The Mets and Jets were emblematic of the era, the 1960s was known for a generation gap and of the emergence of youth as a voice.  Neither team was in existence ten years earlier.  The Jets were part of a brand new league the AFL, that challenged, before it became part of the NFL.  The Mets  were an expansion team, a consistent cellar dweller, that shared a town with the storied New York Yankees. The Jets shared the spotlight with the New York "Football" Giants.  Many noticed that the two teams had names that rhymed.  Both teams played in Shea Stadium.  A field that was also famous for hosting the Beatles.
In  the Super Bowl of 1969, the Jets pulled off one of sports greatest upsets beating the Baltimore Colts. In the two previous Super Bowls, the NFL's Packers easily beat the 2 best AFL entries. The top picture is of Joe Namath, the Jet's brash, outspoken but talented quarterback. Namath was unlike any sports figure at the time. A mod dresser and a lover of the night life.
In the World Series, the Mets upset Baltimore's Orioles, also a heavily favored team.  On a related note.The NBA New York Knicks would upset the Baltimore Bullets for the championship in the upcoming NBA season. Of course the Knicks had been around for a while, but can be tied to the Mets and Jets by the year, the city, and the fact that it also beat a favored team from Baltimore.  Not long afterwards, New York would get the Nets, who would play in the ABA, a team with a rhyming name with the city's two hottest clubs.
In a year that saw Woodstock and a man walk on the moon.  The respective championships of the Jets and the Mets, would put a definitive cherry on top of a decade, forever known for the explosion of the youth culture.

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