Monday, February 23, 2015

Giuliani's Remarks--Blown Out Of Proportion

Up until the last few days, Mayor Rudy Giuliani was well off the national radar.  A political speech supportive of any Potential presidential candidate by him would barely make the front page of the paper of the city where it occurred. Giuliani is the former New York prosecutor, known for being tough on crime, who would go on to become one of the country's most famous mayors.  he was also known as a moderate on many social issues.
Giuliani is back in the news, only because he crossed a line.  At a private fund raiser for Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, he accused President Obama of not loving America.   We have always heard Republicans accusing Democrats of hating America, cops, servicemen, and the like, just because our views do not match the views that they have and that we tend to sometimes see both sides of a certain issue.  We also may have extremists who flat out don't love the country.  They don't reflect my views, though.
Guiliani's rant was re tweeted and re posted all over social media by progressives who were in an uproar, may not so much by the content, but who said it, perhaps we saw Giuliani as one of the wiser heads in the Republican Party.  I was amazed that Rudy included President Clinton along with Reagan as more patriotic Presidents.   Clinton endured much of the same criticism that Rudy pointed at Obama when he was in office.
My feeling is that the speech should be seen for what it is,a partisan speech to back a political candidate by a figure who has little relevance in today's political sphere.

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