Saturday, March 21, 2015

Likable Shark In Puget Sound Last Summer

He's billed on The Shark Tank as the son of immigrant factory workers.  Robert Herjavec, comes across as maybe the most personable of the 5 venture capitalists who sit on the panel of The Shark Tank.  Herjavec is good looking, stylish and polite, belying the millions that he has acquired through his security company.
It has recently been revealed that Herjavec has gone through personal crisis last year when his marriage broke up.  As a result, his children stopped talking to him.  He considered suicide. Herjavec's Pastor steered him to Seattle's Union Gospel Mission, where after volunteering in a "soup line", he seemed to get a new perspective on life.
This season, in addition to his Shark duties, Herjavec is currently a contestant on "Dancing With The Stars".  His teaming with Australian dancing beauty Kym Johnson has sparked rumors of a new romance.

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