Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Former Walla Walla UB Editor Bill Asbury Dies

Bill Asbury became editor of The Walla Walla Union Bulletin in the 1970s.  He assumed a much higher profile than previous ones.  A native of Western Washington, his more Liberal views did little to endear him in a small town, at least as I remember.
Seattle mayor Wes Uhlman was a  good friend of my Uncle Arny.  When Uhlman announced that he was running for Governor of Washington, the UB carried a scathing editorial.  Although, I had not lived in Seattle at the time, I was a big fan of Uhlman's so I wrote my first letter to the editor.  I will always credit Asbury for inspiring me to write it.  I was so excited when it was published. 
During Asbury's tenure, the journalism staff of the University Of Washington newspaper, The Daily, came to Walla Walla to put out an edition of the UB.  They largely published a satirical look at some of the town's institutions that enraged locals.  In an e-mail several years ago, Seattle Times Publisher, who at that time, was publisher of the UB, hinted that this was Asbury's idea. 
Asbury would eventually leave the UB, and become news editor at the Seattle PI, where he eventually became executive editor.
He would later serve on the staffs of three Washington governors.

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