Thursday, March 19, 2015

Former Contestant On Food Network Star Slain

My wife and I are big fans of reality shows and one of our favorites is Food Network Star.  It offers contestants the chance to have a cooking show of their own on the Network.  It usually runs on the network during the summer.  This morning I was saddened to read about the murder of season 8 contestant Cristie Shoen Codd.  Codd, who was 5 months pregnant, has become a murder victim along with her husband, JT Codd.  A suspect is in custody, Robert Jason Owen, lived nearby and was a handyman for the couple. 
Although the couple lived in North Carolina, they both had jobs in the movie industry, Cristie did catering work on movie sets, while JT was a key grip.


Geoffrey said...

Senseless loss of life. I look forward to authorities identifying the culprits. I can't imagine why.

Geoffrey said...

I hope the guy in custody is the person responsible and they have their man. What a shame.