Saturday, November 15, 2014

WSU Grad Covers Hollywood

The E! Network keeps America up to date on what happening in the entertainment industry and one of it's rising stars is a Southeastern Washington native and a graduate of the Murrow School Of Communications at WSU.  Courtney Harvey has been with the E! Network for about 3 years according to dad, Geoff Harvey, also a broadcasting graduate of WSU and a former manager of radio stations in Walla Walla  and the Tri Cities.
Currently Courtney's work is mostly behind the scenes as segment producer, but there is little doubt that she will soon be an on-air fixture.  She has also worked at KVEW in Kennewick, Washington.
Courtney has a fan page on facebook that you can join by clicking here.
Courtney's dad was a mentor to me in my college days, I was trying to break in radio and approached him at K-HIT where I was seeking a summer job.  Geoff always seemed to find time to talk radio with me and keep me up to date on the goings on in the field.

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