Friday, May 30, 2014

Seattle's Ballmer Buys Clippers At 2 Billion

Former Microsoft owner Steve Ballmer has ventured on his own to buy the LA Clippers for an NBA record 2 Billion dollars.  It is an ironic twist that the purchase of the Clippers team would ever set a record, they were for a long time the "spare tire" of the NBA.  They had long considered the worst sports franchise of all time.  In the past, when the Lakers had the best record in the NBA, the Clippers, playing in the same city, had the worst.
Recently, though, the Clippers have put together a formidable team and with the recent controversy over Clipper owner Donald Sterling's comments, they have become a lucrative purchase. 
Ballmer was recently involved in attempts to bring the Sacramento Kings to Seattle, that attempt failed when a local group stepped up to keep the team in California's capital city.

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