Thursday, May 29, 2014

Husky Basketball Great Bob Houbregs Dies

Sort of lost in the shuffle of local news was the death of legendary Husky basketball player, Bob Houbregs.  You may think it funny that I, being a Cougar, would write about a U-W player from the 50s, but I learned about Houbregs the same way I learned about Washington football great Hugh McIlhenny, from my dad's U-W annual.  Houbregs and McIlhenny were huge sports stars when my Dad was at the U-Dub. 
Back to Houbregs, he lead the Dawgs  to what remains their only Final Four appearance and is one of only two Husky basketball players to have his jersey retired, the other is Brandon Roy.  He was also the only Husky basketball player to win NCAA player of the year and be a consensus  All-American.  Finally, he was drafted number 3 by the Milwaukee (now Atlanta) Hawks, to this day, the highest a U-W basketball player has been picked.

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