Wednesday, October 09, 2013

WSU Flag Controversy Sparks Cougar Huskie Rivalry

Every Saturday during ESPN's Gameday, the WSU Cougar flag waves in the background as college football talking heads analyze the day's slate of games.  Every week during the college season, the show takes place from a designated college campus where the most important game of the week in ESPN's eyes will take place.
This week the University Of Washington will be chosen.  The rivalry between the Huskies and Oregon Ducks is vicious, however heartbreaking for the Dawgs.  The Ducks have won the last nine years.  But it's more than the Ducks that are angering the Dawgs.  Dawg fans are angry about the Coug flag flying in the background of the Gameday and a wacky radio host on KJR has even encouraged fans to destroy the flag.  WSU and University Of Washington are the state's traditional rivals.  Now Cougs, who have their own game against the Oregon State Beavers are lashing out.
So the end result is even though both Washington schools are playing Oregon's finest, the trash talk is now turned toward each other!

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