Tuesday, October 01, 2013

M's Looking For New Skipper

If the Seahawks are on the cusp of what could be a dream season, the 2013 Mariners season, in contrast, has been a total nightmare.  After a promising starts and an 8 game winning streak over the All-Star break, the team never gained any traction and finished a dismal 71-91.  Only the arrival of the Houston Astro's to the division kept the M's out of last place.
Mariner manager Eric Wedge gained a reputation of a team guy, who was happy to play with the hand that he was dealt.  When GM Jack Zduriencik was invited to return for 2014, Wedge waited for assurance that he would return, when it didn't come, Wedge decided to leave on his own terms.  With only one year promised to Jack Z, it may be impossible to find a capable candidate to replace the departing skipper.

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