Saturday, August 03, 2013

Working The Hydros At KYYX

In 1982, I had been at KYYX for almost a week, I was scheduled to work the Seafair Hydro broadcast.  Not on air, but I would assist in the studio.  Pat O'Day, the owner of the station was on the "shores of Lake Washington" announcing the race. Burl Barer, my cousin, was in the studio playing "The hits between the heats" and Pat's son, Garry and I were in the studio assisting Burl.  It was something of a "family affair".
At the time, the station sponsored  the Miss KYYX hydroplane, which was driven by Brenda Jones, the first woman to pilot a hydroplane.  It was a different era as Seafair encompassed the entire town.


Jason Remington said...

SEAGALLEY...I remember that restaurant!

Mike Barer said...

Sea Galley and Skippers, once thriving Puget Sound area restaurants.