Thursday, August 29, 2013

JOBS--A Review

For those who want to see the movie Jobs to get insight on how Steve Jobs built a so-called revolution, they may be disappointed.   For those who want to see a predictable biographical drama that could have just as easily been about Bill Gates, Howard Schultz or Jeff Bezos, the movie is very entertaining.  
Ashton Kutcher is definitely right at home playing Jobs from California native hippie to mature Silicone Valley executive.  While ruthless and reckless, Jobs is someone you root for, although you don't know why.  Perhaps, it's because you love your I-Pod or I-Phone.  While the "damn the torpedo's" Jobs is finally dumped by the company that he created, a more mature Jobs is rehired to take the company to success.  Josh Gad is an ultra nerdy Steve Wozniak or "Woz", Steve's innovative, more down to earth sidekick.

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