Sunday, February 03, 2013

Washington Democrats Reelect Pelz

The Washington State Democratic Party held it's reorganization meeting this weekend in Olympia. Party Chair Dwight Pelz (sitting to the right of the speaker in picture) was reelected by acclamation.  Also reelected were Vice Chair Valerie Rongey, Rob Dolin (speaking in above picture) as Secretary, and Habib Habib as Treasurer. 
The luncheon at the Olympia Red Lion, featured speaker Randy Dorn, Washington's Superintendent of Public Instruction, who lead a panel on the challenges of funding the state's public educations in light of limits put on the Legislature and the passage of an initiative allowing the creation of charter schools.
Pelz expressed his concern about Republican attempts to changing the way the President of The United States is elected.  House Bill 1091 which is currently debated in our legislature would have the electors alloted by totals in individual congressional district rather than state totals, if that proposal would have been in effect in 2012, Romney would have won the election by some 30 electoral votes.
Proving that the party was indeed a big tent, a couple of committee people came to the mike to show opposition to firearms legislation and defense cuts.

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