Tuesday, February 26, 2013

We Visit "The Price Is Right"

We were in the studio audience at a taping of the popular game show, "The Price Is Right".  We did not get to be contestants, however.  This picture was taken in the waiting area where we were asked to look like we had won a car.  We should however be visible in the audience when the show airs on April 10th.  I was wearing a green Seattle Sounders jersey in honor of host Drew Carey, who heads the ownership group that owns the Seattle Soccer club. 
We will post more pictures from our trip to Los Angeles and the Palm Springs area soon. 
If you ever want to be on the show, you can get priority tickets at the web site.  If you come with a group, it will increase your chance of being a contestant. Be sure to bring your enthusiasm.  It is better to plan a full day around being on set.  There is a process that you go through this different than other shows, because the contestants are picked on the fly.  The show is taped at CBS Television City
on the corner of Beverly and Fairfax in Los Angeles.

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