Friday, July 20, 2012

5th LD Democrats Endorse Three Candidates For 1st

The 5th District Democrats have voted to endorse Darcy Burner, Suzan Del Bene, and Laura Ruderman in a sign of unity and to send a message that either of these candidates reflect the values of the district. Democrat Steve Hobbs, who had not actively appeared at any meetings of the 5th was not considered.
Ruderman, amid controversy of a negative ad campaign financed by a PAC which was formed by her mother, was present at the meeting as was Del Bene.  Although, Burner did not attend, her partisans seemed to be in full force.  Burner's husband Mike attended, although he did not speak in her favor.
A sole endorsement for Del Bene did not receive the required votes, however the next motion which did pass included her with the two other candidates.

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