Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cheryl Pflug Leaving Senate

 Republican Senator Cheryl Pflug from Maple Valley, who has represented the 5th district in the state legislature for almost as long as I have resided here, is moth-balling her campaign signs and leaving her position to take a job on the State Growth Management Board.  Pflug began her legislative career in 1998, when she replaced Phil Dyer in the Washington House Of Representatives.  She may have lost support amongst many in her own party when she became one of only 4 Republican senators to support marriage equality.
Pflug was appointed to her new position by Democratic Governor Cristine Gregoire.  It could open up an opportunity for the 5th to get it's first Democratic Representative since  Senator Kathleen Drew was defeated in 1996.  Issaquah City Council Mark Mullet has launched a strong campaign in what was to be an attempt to defeat incumbent Pflug.  Snoqualmie businessman Brad Toft is the lone Republican running for the Senate in the 5th.

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Pieter Hart said...

One has to wonder about what kind of leader Mark Mullet would be. He already appears preoccupied with political moves than issues based leadership. It is now no longer in question that he tried to game the filing deadlines to win this seat with the help of a corrupt senator and lame duck governor.

If you look at his record, he is more interested in self gain than working for others. He was an executive at one of the most corrupt financial institutions in the country and he pretends to be a small business operator in Issaquah. The truth is that his franchises are part of his investment portfolio. I have eaten there 6 x in the last month but never seen him there.