Friday, May 18, 2012

Barers Of Maple Valley Going For The Big Dance

That's right, "it's go big or go home" this weekend as I conclude my quest to be a delegate at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.  Delegates from across Washington's 8th Congressional District will convene at Issaquah High School at 1:00 Sunday and pick delegates to the National.  The delegates to the Congressional Caucus were picked at legislative caucuses, which were made up of delegates picked at the precinct caucus's.  Are you following me?  In a nutshell, the selected delegates will travel to Charlotte to nominate Barak Obama for president and Joe Biden for Vice President.  It will be quite an adventure if I can just get enough votes. By the way, your welcome to "like" my "Mike Barer For National Delegate" facebook page, just click here.

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