Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Radio Bad Boy Coming To Seattle

Danny Bonaduce, a child TV star from the early 70s who became famous or infamous for erratic behaviour and arrests in recent years, is coming to Seattle to be the "morning drive" host at KZOK
Bonaduce played Danny Partridge in the early hit show "The Partridge Family", a scene stealing "Dennis The Menace" type.  Bonaduce fell into rough times after the series about a fictional family pop music act ran it's course.  Unlike a number of other former child stars, Bonaduce has survived and  endured.  According to "Blather Watch" a blog reporting on local radio, Bonaduce is coming off a gig in Philadelphia and will begin his stint on 102.5 on November 14th. 

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Danny Barer said...

I saw him walk by at a Comic-Con a few years ago. Dude is buff.