Sunday, November 06, 2011

Expo '74 Spokane Pulls Off A World's Fair

As Seattle is often seen as the crown jewel of the State Of Washington, Spokane has often been seen as an afterthought  It is the second largest city in Washington and the hub of Eastern Washington. I believe it is also the largest city between the Cascades and the Twin Cities.
In 1974, Spokane would have it's day in the sun.  Expo '74 was Washington's second world's fair in 12 years and the second of three in the Northwest.  Vancouver would put on an Expo in '86.  The theme of Expo '74 was to preserve the environment, it was very relevant at the time since America was feeling the effects of the energy shortage.
I was fortunate that I was able to visit the Expo with my family, since Spokane was only 2 hours away from Walla Walla, where we lived at the time.  We had also visited the Century 21 Fair in Seattle in 1962, but was only 5 at the time and barely remember it.
.  At the time, Spokane was the smallest city to host a World's Fair.  Although it may not have made money, it was a boost to the community. The city was left with a beautiful park in what once was an area that was considered a local eyesore.  They also can look back to the time when they were the world's destination.  There may even be people who were so impressed by the town's warm hospitality, that they moved and settled into the area.

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