Tuesday, March 08, 2011

KXA Radio Seattle 1980 TV Commercials

Until now I had not seen this commercial nor had known of it's existence. I did, however, in the early 80s, work for Old Gold 77 KXA, a somewhat forgotten Seattle radio station that had been acquired by O'Day Broadcasting. It's sister station KYYX has much written about it including several web sites.
Most of the employees including myself talk of working at KYYX, but all of us started at KXA. Because of working there, I acquired a good knowledge of hit radio from the 60s and 70s (which where barely oldies at the time).
KXA had an extremely loyal following including a listener named Richard who would call daily and make requests. Richard would know the ID number of the songs. I remember him as being very insistant that his songs be played. KXA would eventually become a Christian Radio station and has since changed it's call letters to become a Conservative talk station.

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Anonymous said...

That's Bobby Ryan on the pulpit. Sitting from left is Jerry Kaye, me (Bob Summers/Wikstrom), Chet Rogers, Robert L. Scott and Gary Ryan. Fun spot.