Saturday, March 05, 2011

Would The Cougs Have Won With Thompson?

To beat one of College Basketball's marquis teams, you need "all hands on deck" The Washington State Cougars, having a "roller coaster year", clearly had the momentum after beating USC last Thursday night to give the UCLA Bruins a run for their money. They sure did, it took an overtime for the Bruins, eliminated from any chance to win the Pac-10 title, to beat the Cougs, but it was without the Cougars' two star players. Reggie Moore was out due to an injury, his loss could not be helped, but Klay Thompson, who leads the Cougs in scoring, was suspended after being caught with marijuana after last Thursday's game. It was the Bruins 18th consecutive victory in on the Cougs home court. Would the Cougars have won if Thompson was able to play? We'll never know, but I'm sure he has learned his lesson.

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