Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Celebrity Apprentice--The Brett And Cyndi Show

This week's task was for each team to take an aspiring Country Singer and make them over so they can be superstars. Cyndi Lauper takes on the task of being PM, she is, of course, a legend in the music industry, and who would know image better than Cyndi? Rock Solid is down to it's last 3 players, however they have an ace in the hole with Brett Michaels, the lead singer for '80 hard rock group Poison.
When the artists are introduced, they turn out to be established stars. Tenacity gets Emily West, a rather starstruck singer, whose signature song, "Blue Sky" sounds a little like Cyndi's "True Colors", at least in my opinion. The team is squabbling though, Holly is rather hard nosed and unmanageable, and Maria wants more responsibility. Finally, Sharon comes back after being out ill for awhile and seems to bridge some of their disagreements.
Rock Solid gets along real well, the problem is that Brett is not PM. It's Goldberg, who thought that it would be good to step up for the task. He delegates the entire task to Brett. Curtis, the chef has little that he can do, but is always willing to help. The trouble with Rock Solid is that Lucas is unmanagable, he does not take Brett's advice on interviews and does not want to change his image.
Tenacity wins, partly because their singer goes along with Cyndi's advice. Trump does not like the idea that Goldberg volunteered to be PM in a task he was not qualified for and fires him.

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