Monday, April 26, 2010

Celebrity Apprentice--The Realignment

I cannot kid you, this was a rather difficult episode to watch. The vibrant Bret Michaels, who in spite of his goofiness, has been a spot-on contestant, is now in a hospital fighting for his life, but let's move on.

The teams gather on what seems to be Trump's rooftop, where his youngest son is taking a few golf swings. Immediately, I wonder if young Baron is going to be sitting in on the boardroom replacing either his brother or sister.

Rock Solid has only two members left, so Trump mixes up the teams so Sharon and Maria go to Rock Solid and Curtis goes to Tenacity. This works out well as Sharon had grown weary of the bickering Tenacity team. She teams up with Bret and women's wrestler Maria. The team gels right away. No sooner are the teams announced when Cyndi Lauper announces that for the second time, she will have to be absent for a task. Once is understandable, but twice shows a lack of committment in my opinion.
The task was to set up an exercise class for "24 Hour Fitness", it was a two prong task. First was to come up with an original idea, which Rock Solid nailed with a Rock Concert theme. The other was to raise the most money, which Tenacity did. Trump was pleased with both efforts and nobody was fired.

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PJ said...

Little Trump is adorable!