Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Celebrity Apprentice-Governor Blogo Fired Again

Having a disgraced former governor on this show is rather shameful and we find out, kind of a burdon for the team lucky enough to get him.
This weeks project involved Universal's brand spanking new "Harry Potter Theme Park" in Orlando Florida. Since the network that this show appears on is owned by Universal, it is no surprise that they would use this show to promote it, assuming that anyone actually watches the show.
By a stroke of luck, the Governor Rod Blogojevich is picked project manager for Rock Solid in a task where technology comes into play. You see him and rival project manager Elita Ebanks are to fly to Orlando and relay information to be used during the project. Governor Rod cannot use a computer nor can he text on the telephone. Since he is with Tenacity Project Manager during the whole task, he cannot talk on his cell phone. Since Tenacity's project manager is a lady, he should have gone to the men's room to call. Needless to say, Rock Solid blows the task and the Governor is fired.

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