Thursday, November 05, 2009

Seattle's Tight Race For Mayor

Ever since my Uncle Arny's law school buddy Wes Uhlman was elected to be mayor of Seattle in the late 60s, I've paid close attention that city's mayoral race. It takes a special type to be able to lead a growing, cutting edge city that has seen it's share of peaks and valleys. This year's race is especially compelling. It pits a former T-Mobile executive, Joe Mallahan against a former Sierra Club president, Mike McGinn.
Both candidates ran because of their dissatisfaction with current mayor Greg Nickles. They were both able to get past the incumbent, who was considered invincible.
Joe Mallahan is touting his corporate experience. He has spent heavily to put professionals on his campaign staff. He has a smooth style. Mike McGinn is hard edged, and has a staff of mostly volunteers.
At this writing, only 500 some votes separate the two candidates.

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