Monday, May 25, 2009

The Sunday Night Barbecues

Born in the early 80s, the Sunday night barbeque's became an institution, at least in our own minds. It began when my friend from KYYX, Garry, proud of his Alki apartment, took some bricks and boards with which he had been decorating with, and combined it with an oven rack to make the most unique home made barbecue apparatus that I had ever seen. As the spring sprung, the initial barbecue was held, with a rogue collection of characters, Garry's friends from high school, people we had met on the beach, and KYYX employees. Sunday night was figured to be the best time to get together, as nothing else seemed to go on . The event was always BYOB, (bring your own beverage) and each participant would bring their own main dish. The house would supply homemade potato salad and garlic bread. This event went a little over a decade with various locales (the above picture was taken at my condo in 93) and degrees of participation.

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Thomas said...

I can't figure out who that is on the left, but he looks like he's becoming part of the furniture!