Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Celebrity Apprentice: Black Out

As this season begins to wrap up, the word is out that the show is being renewed. Yes 2010 will bring us another season of Celebrity Apprentice.
This week's show begins with the candidates being summoned to Trump's office where, all of a sudden Joan Rivers arrives in dark sunglasses. Joan wants to get back into the game and get revenge on the girls who she believes, railroaded her daughter.
The task this week is to come up with a radio spot for "Chicken Of The Sea" Tuna. Athena gets discouraged because neither of it's 2 members Brande and Annie are musically inclined. KOTU, on the other hand has Clint Black has been a control freak, alienating most of his team. He is a Grammy Awards winner though and this is his biggest strength. Both sides work hard and Annie is motivated, in the end, Athena pulls off an upset. This does not bode well for Clint and he is fired. There is no time for the candidates to relax. They have to interview with last year's winner Piers Morgan. He decides that Brande is not that bright (she is sweet though) and Jesse lacks the passion to be the next Celebrity Apprentice. Trump fires both of them, leaving Joan Rivers and Annie Duke to fight for the "crown".


PJ said...

He sure got down to 2 fast!!!

Mike Barer said...

What amazes me is that some people like this better than the old Apprentice.

PJ said...

The celebrities are interesting to watch, but I prefer the old format