Sunday, February 01, 2009

George Fearing Top Candidate For Vacant House Post

A caucus of 16th Legislative District Democratic leaders met yesterday to pick a successor to the late Bill Grant. Kennewick attorney George Fearing was the number one choice over Pasco Councilwoman Rebecca Francik and Grant's daughter Laura Grant-Herriot. The choices will now go to the County Commissions of the 4 district to which the 16 legislative districts is comprised. Although all 4 districts tend to lean Republican, it is tradition for the Commissions to honor the wishes of the Democratic leaders. Pictured above, State Chair Dwight Pelz leading the Caucus.

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steve said...

This is a weird process. You have a group of republican county commisioners who get the opportunity to appoint the
democrat they will potentially be running against in the next election