Saturday, June 07, 2008

UW Law School To Receive A Generous Contribution

The Puget Sound Business Journal Reports that the University Of Washington Law School has received a generous pledge from Stan and Alta Barer. The money will be used to establish the Barer Institute Of Law And Global Human Services.
University Of Washington President Mark Emmert said
"This gift ensures that the UW will continue to produce leaders in the international human rights arena and provide a comprehensive, interdisciplinary, and, most importantly, global legal education. We're very grateful to Stan and Alta for their vision and generosity."
Stan is the chairman of the University Of Washington Board Of Regents. A Walla Walla High School graduate, he is, I believe, the 4th of 7 members of the Barer family to attend the University Of Washington.

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Dave Zarkin said...

Great photo. Glad they are contributing to higher education because government isn't there for University. Can't match them buck for buck but do my bit.
See my post on the National Reform the Media Conference in Minneapolis.