Saturday, February 09, 2008

Energy And Excitement Fill Rock Creek Elementary School

When I volunteered to lead the Democratic Area Caucus in Maple Valley, I know that the day of 6 or 7 people meeting in the library in a presidential election year were long over. I was not prepared for the record turnout today at Rock Creek Elementray School. In putting on a caucus, you always prepare for anything going on. Today, there were situations that I had never dreamed of. I had maps showing every precinct that was to attend, but none saying were the people who were at the wrong caucus should go. Because of the size of the crowd, participant were allowed to go to other rooms. However, one precinct was unable to be found because it had an outside entrance.
This is what one participate told the Seattle Times
MAPLE VALLEY -- 3:27 p.m. Reporting from Rock Creek Elementary Democratic Caucus: "Our final votes are in, 25 for Obama and 16 for Clinton...closer than I would have predicted, perhaps some of the speeches were more persuasive than I'd thought. Still a bit of confusion about the forms, how to calculate the number of delegates and who attends the next meeting...but the volunteers are very helpful with us 'newbs'. And now I'm a delegate to the district convention on April 5th, I'm excited to see the next step in this process. "Good luck, everyone and thanks for participating!"
In the end, it was so good to see so many young people. It looks like politics is cool again and even better yet, so is being a Democrat. For all the hassles, I think it all turned out well. Thank you to Mark, Rob, Raquel, Debra, and Lynn and to the caucus chairs who showed the amazing abiliity to follow somewhat complicated instructions with little training.

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