Sunday, February 24, 2008

Do I Bring Families Together?

That's probably a stretch, but when I met my wife in 1993, she had recently graduated from the University Of Tennessee. She and her best friend had decided to pile all their stuff in their cars and move over to the Seattle area because it was a long way from where they were from. Deb had no relatives on the west coast, save for a cousin with whom she had little contact with. The year after we were married, Deb's parents decided to move here to pursue a business opportunity. They purchased a house in what would eventually become the city of Sammamish. In the fall of 2006, my wife's just widowed Grandmother moved to Issaquah from Florida. She is 80 something year's young and wanted to live where family would be close by.
Now we find out that my wife's twin sister and family will move to the area as her husband embarks on a new career. Since my Father got married and moved here from Eastern Washington a while back, and since I already had a variety of cousins as well as an aunt and uncle here, we can really call Seattle home.

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