Saturday, September 22, 2007

Di Irons For DNC Rep

This weekend, the Washington State Democratic Central Committee will be asked to do the impossible. We will have to find a replacement for the Late Karen Marchioro. Di Irons, my fellow 5th legislative district state committee person is seeking that post.
The DNC (Democratic National Committee) is charged with "working with national, state, and local party organizations, framing the national platform, and planning the national quadrennial presidential nominating convention. Our state sends 2 male and 2 female reps to meet with other reps from across the United States.
Di Irons has been a friend, mentor and consultant to me for many years. She serves on the State Finance Committee as well as the Rural and Agricultural Caucus. She has served as treasurer on several campaigns and a three time candidate for public office. Whenever a political event takes place in our corner of the county, you can bet that Di has made to major contribution to it in some way.
Di Irons deserves the position on the DNC and I would urge the committee to join me and vote for her.

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