Thursday, August 30, 2007

Farewell To Karen Marchioro

Washington state politics are a little duller today, as Karen Marchioro died of cancer today. Marchioro was best known as chair of the Washington State Democrats during the 1980s. The Republicans also had a woman state chair named Jennifer Dunn. The two women reflected their parties well. Dunn was demure and stylish, Marchioro was outspoken and hardscrabble.

She was active with anti-Vietnam protests when she first got involved in politics. She most recently was our representative to the Democratic National Committee. I rubbed elbow with Karen many times at Democratic meetings and I was always a little wide-eyed running into her. I mean she had such a history. She was very cordial and always had time to share her opinion. We exchanged many e-mails discussing the issues of the time.
Thank you to washblog for the picture. (Karen with Senator Warren Magnuson)

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