Wednesday, August 15, 2007

New York Vinnie Leaves KIRO

I'm sure it was said at one time that noone could fill the shoes of former KIRO sportscaster Wayne Cody. In most ways, New York Vinnie comes close. The talk show host made his name at Sportsradio KJR, during the fight to save the Mariners. Sounding more like a New York cabbie than a cookie cutter sportscaster, Vinnie dazzled listeners with his anecdotes about baseball in the Big Apple and what sports can mean to a community. It may be said that New York Vinnie was just as important to saving baseball in Seattle as Lou Piniella and Ken Griffey, Jr. After losing his gig with KJR, Vinnie turned up at KIRO. Last week, he was let go along with Ron Reagan as the station revamped it's format. Here is wishing happy landings for Vinnie.

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