Sunday, August 19, 2007

Educated Or Whitewashed: Baird Changes Mind On Iraq

Washington's 3rd District Congressman Brian Baird has altered his stance on Iraq. Baird, who has opposed military involvement in Iraq, has just returned from a trip to the Middle East. He now says an immediate withdrawal would aid Iran and compromise US Security (paraphrase).
This view will no doubt bring heat from much of his constituency. Already there is a "told you so" attitude from Right Wingers. In fact, Baird may be the Right's new poster boy.
I think more likely it show that in policy, nothing is "black and white" We all view issues with our own prejudices and slant, believing that the villains were the black hats. It could be that Baird is showing that we in the Democratic Party can take a pragmatic approach to the problem. That while the invasion was not one of our best decisions, we need to take time to clean up any mess that we made. Time will tell where all of this will lead.

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Anonymous said...

They ran out of time; not even Smokin' Joe can sell this turkey that's why he's talking about bombing Syria. Go to the next target.